Numerology and Lucky Lotto Numbers

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Numbers play a huge role in our lives and we often use them as lucky numbers to play such games of chance and the Lotto. Many players have used combinations of birthdays, anniversaries, numerology destiny numbers and name numbers to come up with unique and often winning combinations.

There are many ways you can choose lotto numbers but the most personal is using the numbers generated from numerology since they have a significant meaning in your life. Your birth date is a special number and you can use this in combination with your life path number and name number to possibly win big.

The lottery is a funny beast and many have tried to find ways to conquer it and some have through using the lucky numbers generated through their numerology readings.

Numerologists will agree that those numbers which are most significant to you may possibly hold the key to riches beyond belief. Some successful people have even centered their lives around the numbers in numerology, taking heed in their life path number to attain their most deepest desires.

Is it any wonder that we strive to give such importance to the numbers in our lives? Some have had a sense of feelings about certain numbers and will often play them. They may even dream of the lucky numbers and actually win some money.

Whatever method you use to generate your lucky lotto numbers you can bet that some form of numerology is in use.

The lotto has generated a lot of interest in numbers and numerologists are seeing a surge in the amount of people using numerology calculators and charts. But those charts and calculators are often just a convenience to keep from doing the simple math themselves. There are calculators and charts dealing with just about every aspect of numerology and some may be more accurate than others.

For the most part, numerology plays a significant role in our lives whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. Some balk at the idea of lucky numbers but there have been many who take heed in them and for good reason.

It all depends on your personal insights whether the numbers will mean anything to you or not. Chances are numbers have played some part in your life at some time or another such as your choosing wedding dates or party dates and everything in between. We choose certain dates for a reason, because they have great significance to us as individuals.

The more we look at it numbers will always be a part of who we are and make up our very chemistry. Scientists, mathematicians and even musicians use the numbers to tell as story. Numerology does the same if you listen close enough and pay attention. They have a unique story to tell about you, whether it is lucky numbers or your destiny. It is spelled out not only in the stars but in the numbers that are in your life. So the next time someone tells you about lucky numbers, take heed it may just be the winning combination that you need.

Luck, Luck Spells And Other Things

What is luck?

Luck is one of those things which you either believe in or not. If you have clicked onto this blog, you probably believe in luck. But what exactly is luck? Luck is defined to be a chance happening outside of a person's control. There is good luck and there is bad luck. No-one wants bad luck. Everyone wants good luck, but how do we change luck, and can we change luck? It is hard to say whether we can actually change luck, some people says it happens, some people say you cannot change luck. Since we don't actually don't know whether luck exists, and whether it can be changed, it cannot be harmful to try and change luck.

Practical aspects of luck.

Although luck is a fickle thing to define, there are many applications of luck we can see everyday - people win lotto, minor injuries from a horror accident, etc. Though people still debate on the exact nature of luck, there are many practical as well as spiritual ways to improve one's luck.
To take a practical example, take a day when you have felt especially lucky. Everything just seems to fall your way, and you feel as though you are floating.

Now take a day you have felt especially unlucky. The world seems to weigh you down. You feel burdened. Consider both feeling, and you instantly want the former - It's a nice feeling. Luck is strange however. It ebbs and flows, so when you have good luck, savour that feeling - it may not last, but then again, it might!

Luck and you.

Luck affects every part of your life - love, lottery, and daily life. Luck ebbs and flows. It is impossible to have good luck all the time. Accept it when it's there and enjoy it while you can.
You may or may not be able to increase your luck. If all things conform to the normal distribution (which I believe they are, but don't quote me on this) then on average, you will have average amount of luck